Rate My Student: Problematic Students in the Classroom? TTO Will Let You Know!


Ever found a fellow classmate absolutely insufferable? Ever had a peer that just can’t seem to shut up? Ever had a student you wish you were warned about? The Tiger Town Observer is proud to present a groundbreaking platform for the professors and students of Clemson University. In light of the urgent need for a student trigger warning, TTO has taken it upon itself to develop a platform to address this very issue. 

Introducing Clemson University’s first-ever student review platform: 

Rate My Student

Clemson University 

This week’s featured student is Will Lawson. Will is a sophomore at Clemson and a Mathematics Major. Mr. Lawson is a member of the Clemson Lyceum Scholars program and a member of the TTO Executive Staff. 

Political Science:

Rating: Does it have 0? If not, put him down for a 1.

Notes: Would you teach this student again? Hell NO!!!!!

How did this kid get into college with a 9 on the ACT? How did he get into Clemson? For god’s sake, I’m not even sure USC would take him! 

Will Lawson is easily the worst student I’ve ever taught. The kid is functionally illiterate, can’t write worth a damn, and couldn’t think his way out of a boiled peanut bag. Pretty sure he’s from North Carolina. On top of that, he also behaves as though he were some sort of drooling, feral child raised by wolves. And the hair!!! What’s the deal with that? He looks like John C. Calhoun on a bad hair day. 

I’m sorry—I really am—but Clemson does not pay me enough to teach students like this. I’ll retire before I teach Will Lawson again!!!


Rating: 5 – I would, most certainly, teach Will again.

Notes: One of two consistent participants out of 60 in our in-class “discussions”.  Usually correct; always in the red zone.  Avoids tendentiousness thus far at least. His grades correlate with his in-class engagement.  More tall than handsome. Could use a haircut.


Rating: I would rate Will a 3 in difficulty but a 1 in quality.  I would not teach Will again…what’s the point!

 Notes: Will is a nice student when he is awake. Honestly, I don’t understand why this kid would enroll in college if he’s just going to sleep through all his classes. And my class wasn’t even at nine a.m.—it was at 1:25 p.m.! Tried repeatedly to engage him, including talking to him after class to see if everything was okay. He was polite and sweet, but continued to use my class as his post-lunch siesta.

Intro to Proofs:

Rating: Difficulty—4, Quality—3, Would teach again—Yes

 Notes: Attendance is VERY important to this student. He will show up and he will ask questions…it’s exhausting! Homework and quizzes are pretty reasonable… Handwriting is fine so grading isn’t too bad. Nice enough as a person.

Want to be rated next? Email Tiger Town Observer your name and the names of the professors you would like to have rate you and we will take over from there! Have any general complaints? We will be your voice! Email us the most insufferable and infuriating things you have witnessed students do in the classroom and help us raise awareness for the sanity of students and professors alike. 


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