Drinking Game of the Month: Hammerschloggin!!!


The Tiger Town Observer neither condones nor encourages underage drinking or drunk driving. Both activities are illegal and punishable by law. Please designate a driver, or we will hunt you down. We’re that serious.

Guten Tag!! Since it is October and Oktoberfest ended on the 3rd, this month’s drinking game is inspired by our German brethren. Compared to last month’s popular game Ride the Bus, this game is much less well known, but we are here to change that! If you’re at a pregame or party that needs a game that guarantees laughter, high stakes, and a fantastic buzz you are in luck! The game of the month is… Hammerschloggin! [RELATED: TTO’S “Drinking Game of the Month” is Back]


  • Solo cups for each player
  • A table
  • Drinks!

Set Up:

This game is a single elimination team game with the goal of being the last team standing. Teams are formed by two players, each player has a solo cup filled with a sip’s worth of a drink, and they stand facing each other over the short side of the table. Furthermore, opposing teams stand next to each other along the long side of the table, and before beginning the group decides which side of the table will go first.

Starting the Game:

To begin the game each player raises their cup over the table, says “cheers” to their partner, and you all say “Hammerschloggin!!!, Hammerschloggin!!!, Hammer that schloggin!!!” This marks the start of the round and the side that was designated to start touches their cup to the table and drinks while the teammates on the other side place their drink down on the table. 

Part 1: The First Flip Cup:

Once the starting side finishes their drinks their goal is to perform a standard flip cup. A flip cup requires a player to place their cup right side up off the edge of the table and use one hand to flip the cup from the bottom of the cup so it lands on the table facing upside-down.

Part 2: The Second Side:

Once the starting side teammate completes the flip cup, their teammate picks up their drink off the table, drinks it, and has the same task: perform a standard flip cup.

Part 3: Throwing and Catching

Once the second side teammate completes the flip cup, they become the catcher and the starting teammate is the thrower. The task is for the thrower to set up their cup the same as a flip cup and then flip the cup in the air so it lands in the catcher’s cup. The catcher is holding their cup and is allowed to move it to try to catch it. The thrown cup can bounce off the cup any number of times before landing on the cup, but once it hits the ground or table it is ruled dead and the catcher gives the cup back to the thrower for them to re-throw. Additionally, the catcher is only allowed to use one arm, the arm holding their cup, to try to catch. 

Part 4: Elimination

When a team completes the throw and catch, they yell Hammerschloggin! If you’re not first, don’t worry, the goal is to just be not last. The remaining teams continue playing until the second to last team finishes and yells Hammerschloggin! The team that fails to complete the game is eliminated.

Once a team is eliminated, the remaining players refill their cups and start a new round. This time the side that went second now starts so the throwers and catcher rotate throughout the game. From there, rounds are repeated until there is a final champion team left standing! Their reward? Pride of being the best at Hammerschloggin! 

Have fun and stay safe out there, tigers! If you’re under 21 and wish you could take part in the fun, read more about how a South Carolina representative wants to change things for you by checking out the article, “A Lower Legal Drinking Age Could be a Victory for States’ Rights.” *


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