Clemson Professor Selected as Presidential Nominee for LP


By Brianna Bourguignon

Source: Jo Jorgenson, Libertarian for President 2020.

Source: Jo Jorgenson, Libertarian for President 2020.

A Clemson Senior Lecturer of Psychology, Jo Jorgenson, has been nominated by the Libertarian Party for President of the United States. Jorgenson previously ran on the Libertarian ballot in 1996 as nominee for Vice President under Harry Browne. According to, Jorgenson received 51% on the fourth ballot at the Libertarian National Convention, which began on May 21. Jorgenson led in each round of voting.

Reason also reports that Jorgenson also ran for the nomination in 2012, but took herself out of the running because she was impressed with former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson’s “big-name real-world qualifications.” In 2016, she was displeased with “how outside Republican consultants ran his campaign.” With Gary Johnson not in the running this year, Jorgenson put herself forward. According to Jorgenson in an interview with Reason, the government’s reaction to Covid-19 “has been the biggest assault on our liberties in our lifetime.”

The Convention, which will be held virtually through the 25th of May, is slated to nominate Jorgenson’s VP today.

TTO has reached out to Jorgenson for comment, and will provide updates. 



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