Clemson University’s New Organization Policy Leaks – Zachary Faria

(Graphic Taken From: WeRoar Clemson)

(Graphic Taken From: WeRoar Clemson)

Clemson University will be voting on a new policy for student organizations on Monday, October 29th, according to documents leaked by WeRoar on Facebook. The policy contains a substantial amount of restrictions and creates a tiered system, with higher tiered groups having more privileges, and with all groups surrendering a large amount of autonomy to the University.

According to the leaked PDF, the policy underwent 14 drafts, and the 14th and current iteration is dated September 15th. Organizations slated to be the highest priorities for funding will have to have their constitutions approved by the University, and will have an administrator appointed to them by the University who will have full authority to cancel any event by the organization if they deem it to be “in the interest of the University.” First tier organizations subject to this are classified as “perform[ing] duties that Clemson University would otherwise seek to perform on its own”.

Second tier organizations would make up the bulk of student organizations under the new policy. These organizations would be barred from using University logos or symbols without the express written consent of the University, and all organizations in this tier would be forbidden from using Clemson University or “CU” in front of their organization name. The University can appoint an administrator tier two organizations at their own discretion.

Greek Life and Club Sports would fall under the third tier. They would also be barred from using the University’s name or logo as second tier organizations are, and the University “will not designate any private space” to third tier groups. All-male and all-female tier three groups would also have to petition the university to restrict membership based on gender, and restrictions based on any other category (race, color, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, national origin, etc.) would render these organizations ineligible to be recognized.


The new policy specifically singles out Greek Life, stating, “The Fraternal Organization is a voluntary association of Clemson University students with no direct relationship to the University. The Fraternal Organization exists and operates independently of the University.” Despite this, the University has full authority to prevent rushing and recruitment until a date determined by the University, and social events must still be done in accordance with University standards. According to the policy, second and third tier organizations must copy an explicit statement stating they have no official affiliation with the University in all correspondence with third parties.

Second and third tier organizations are mandated to keep updated lists of membership and emails on TigerQuest, and all new members must be inputted within 48 hours of joining. Greek Life must do the same within 24 hours of members joining.

At least one member of the executive board of tier one and two organizations must also become a “Certified Student Leader”. The process is mandatory, and includes two attendances at Gantt Center programs, four completions of Student Involvement and Leadership sessions, creating a resume and meeting with CCPD for career counseling, attending a University sponsored conference, and five hours of pre-approved service with a community partner.

The new policy also includes a remaking of funding board, putting oversight in the hands of staff members in Student Involvement and Leadership, a responsibility that previously belonged to CUSG. Funding board members and funding bills themselves were previously approved by the elected members of the CUSG Senate.

The leaked PDF can be found here: Link

The Tiger Town Observer reached out to VP of Student Affairs Almeda Jacks, Senior Associate VP Doug Hallenbeck, Dean of Students Chris Miller, Assistant VP of Student Affairs Mandy Hays, and Director of Student Activities Josh Barnes, any responses will be updated for publication.


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