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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A Lower Legal Drinking Age Could Be a Victory for States’ Rights

In November of 2021, a short article was published in many local newspapers regarding the pre-filing of a bill to reduce the South Carolina...

Clemson University’s Bias Reporting System Found Unconstitutional

On Monday, October 3, the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) issued letters to 12 universities regarding violations of faculty and students’ freedom of speech on...

‘Take Back Pride’ Demands Changes To Clemson’s Student Code Of Conduct

LGBTQ+ student protestors organized at Clemson University for the second ‘Take Back Pride’ march last Tuesday, October 11.  The first ‘Take Back Pride’ march was...

CUSG Senate Condemns the Display of the Confederate Flag – Zachary Faria


On Monday, after a 40-minute period of pro-con debate, the CUSG Senate passed a resolution to condemn the public display of the Confederate flag by student and community groups on and around campus after suspending the rules to vote on the resolution the night it was introduced. Senators Dahvier Alston

Clemson Dem vs. GOP Debate Possibly First of Many


The Clemson College Democrats and Clemson College Republicans faced off in a debate on Tuesday that both groups hope is the first of many.

Sponsored by the Clemson Political Science Association, the debate covered four topics and was scored by three judges. College Democrats won the debate by split decision, winning the topics of healthcare and education. College Republicans won the topic

Clemson’s Lyceum and the Return of Classical Education

“… the Lyceum is indeed one of the brightest gems at Clemson.” By Joseph Lord There are two primary draws to Clemson: the Clemson football team...

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November


On November 5th, 2019, the first college football playoff rankings dropped. Clemson, the undefeated defending national champions who were sitting at 9-0 with an average margin of victory of over 32 points, was placed outside the playoff at number five. The interesting part was the sleight of hand the committee played to keep Clemson out, saying that Penn State (#4) had the better resume than Clemson, while Alabama (#3) looked better than

Allegations Surrounding Student Body VP Jaren Stewart

According to a document recently obtained by FITSNews, student body Vice President Jaren Stewart faced several allegations in April of 2017 that led to...

Pocket Knives At Clemson – Aubrey Steele


Riding in the pocket of Firefighters, Police Officers, Desk jockeys, Farmers, and countless others every day is what many consider to be the greatest general-use tool ever conceived, the simple pocket knife. The pocket knife has been a staple of American tradition for decades, serving as the working individuals go-to

Has the University Forgotten the Clemson Experience Means Community?

Opinions expressed within are the property of their author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of any other member or the Tiger Town...
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